Last year, Microsoft hinted at further virtual desktop capabilities in Windows 10, and ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley believes they’re not far away.

Directions on Microsoft began to outline a ‘modern refresh’ of remote desktop services in a February report, with plans for general release in late 2018. The idea is apparently to make it “more attractive to host the service in Azure, in addition to offering improvements to security and other benefits.”

Now Foley is getting word from her sources about what exactly that will entail. It seems a multi-session feature may be included in Redstone 5 in October, with rumors beginning to grow.

Reducing Windows Server Reliance

At first glance, things to line up. We know that the Remote Desktop Session Host can’t be installed on Windows Server 2019, and other rumors suggested that Microsoft is adding multi-user, multi-windowing options in Windows 10.

However, sources say the modern functionality will offer a couple of options for remote desktop and app access.

“My contacts are saying Microsoft will offer multiple options to provide remote desktop/app access. Individual Windows 10 Enterprise users will continue to have the option to run a single Windows 10 desktop virtually. Additionally, customers who want to make apps available remotely to a small number of users will be able to go with Windows 10 Multi-Session, rather than having to rely on Windows Server, I’m hearing,” Foley explains.

This will apparently extend to UWP as well as Win-32, with support for Microsoft Edge. It will likely gel in someway with Office 365 Pro Plus, but it’s unclear what that means for price or licensing.