Users running the Fitbit application on Windows 10 are getting a new update today. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application for the fitness tracking company has been updated to version 2.31.1479.

The main point of this release is to bring support for the new Fitbit Versa smartwatch. This is the company’s newest fitness tracking wearable that has been created as a more affordable device. Fitbit is trying to wrestle back control of the wearable market after Apple overtook the company as the number one vendor.

Interestingly, the tracking app has been among the best supported major company apps on the Windows 10 Store. As it is a UWP app, it also works on Windows 10 Mobile, making it one of the few to truly support Microsoft’s failed mobile platform.

Last year, Microsoft announced Fitbit integration with Cortana. Starting to link Fitbit wearables to the digital assistant is as simple as connecting your Fitbit account. This is achieved by saying “Hey Cortana, Open Fitbit”. After this, Cortana will take control, meaning you can ask the assistant about your Fitbit tracking. It is worth noting this ability is not available on mobile.

Fitbit has truly embraced the idea of the Universal Windows Platform. The company’s application is also available on the HoloLens headset. Users can able to get a more interactive experience by using the app through HoloLens. More than that, though, we think this is more about Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Fitbit Versa

As for the Versa, it sports a 1.34-inch LCD screen with 1000 nits brightness. Other specification include 4GB of storage and a small 145 mAh battery. However, the company says the battery will last longer than its other smartwatches because it lacks GPS functionality.

If you want to pull in the latest Fitbit Windows 10 app update, you can find it right here.