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Microsoft Rolls out Large Improvements to Ethereum on Azure

Microsoft is bringing more reliability, analytics, and a simplified deployment to its Ethereum on Azure offering. This is the first of a series of releases.


rocketed to popularity last year thanks to Bitcoin, but organizations are using the technology for more than currency. is looking to make that easier with Azure, and has rolled out significant improvements to its offering.

“Today, we are excited to announce significant enhancements to our Ethereum on Azure offering,” says Cody Born, Azure Global software engineer. “These improvements are the first of a series of releases designed to enable production-ready consortium Blockchain networks suited for enterprise scenarios.”

After talking to its customers, Microsoft has decided on the following additions:

  • High availability of Blockchain network presence: To ensure the provision of a fair and secure network, Microsoft has incorporated cross-region-Azure VM Scale Sets and Managed Disks. This will ensure that a node will be automatically recovered if it goes down, and will ensure high-availability.
  • Simplified deployment experience: Ethereum has a variety of network topologies, and these can be confusing for clients. Microsoft's new deployment combined all of these into one experience, with information about deployment options and relevant information only.
  • Monitoring and operational support: Though privacy is a big plus of the blockchain networks, there are exceptions. Microsoft has DevOps tools to help monitor, log, and analyze network health inside an application architecture. A new dashboard allows for intuitive, data-rich telemetry monitoring, with custom alerts for CPU, memory, and disk capacity.

The company will undoubtedly roll out further improvements in the coming months, further Ethereum on Azure. Until then, you can check out the guided walkthrough to get started with deployment.

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