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Google’s Android P to Reach Developer Preview in Coming Weeks

A new report suggests Google is set to unveil Android P as a developer preview ahead of its full launch this spring.


's newest build is due to reach its first preview in the coming weeks. New reports suggest Android P (codenamed Pistachio Ice Cream) will be coming to developer preview. That makes sense as we get close to Google's I/O developer conference.

At the event Google will fully unveil Android P, a year after Oreo was announced. It is widely believed that Google will make changes to the UI design of Android with the P release. The company will follow 's lead and move more towards iOS to attract people to the Android platform.

Some of the key features coming to Android P are be support for call recording and access to hidden APIs.

Google will also attempt to make the platform more productive. To do that, the company is rumored to be allowing users to connect their device to a PC through a Bluetooth connection. This would allow the smartphone to be a mini mouse and/or keyboard. Some of the key features could be support for call recording and access to hidden APIs.

Of course, Google will probably unveil a lot more additional features for Android P. When the developer preview is release, we should know a lot more about the platform.


The eternal Android problem will persist, no matter how good Android P might be. While all the changes will probably be good, there's a solid chance you will never see them. Android is simply terribly fragmented and is probably going to stay that way.

It is a bad situation where Android Oreo is only on 1.1 percent of Android devices nearly three months after its launch.

Indeed, there is not a single Android version with over 30% share. You may get Android P at some point, but by then Google will want you to be running Android S.

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