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Lenovo’s Newly Introduced Yoga Laptops Integrate Cortana and Alexa

At MWC today, Lenovo announced the Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 laptops, mid-range Windows 10 devices with Cortana and Alexa support.


Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 is up and running and joined the party with a non-mobile device. The company was in laptop mode at the event and debuted the new Yoga 730 (13-inch and 15-inch) and Yoga 530 (14-inch). Arguably the most interesting aspect of the devices is they come 's and 's Alexa voice assistant on board.

Both the Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 are machines, so Cortana is naturally on board. However, earlier this year Amazon announced Alexa would also come to Windows 10. Lenovo is among the first OEMs to embrace this dual assistant setup.

Of course, since Amazon's announcement, the debate has centered on whether Alexa would replace Cortana and if Microsoft would eventually kill off its services. Right now, it seems with two powerful partners on board, OEMs will be treading a diplomatic path. Lenovo certainly is in describing Cortana and Alexa integration.

“Use Cortana on your Yoga 730 during the day to schedule meetings, get reminders, search and send emails and manage to-do lists with just your voice. Or just ask to order food, do your shopping, dim the lights and turn up the music at night with Alexa on your Yoga 730.”

As for the devices themselves, they are spec'd as market bridging laptops. Neither high-end nor budget, the Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 will nestle themselves nicely into the mid-range of the market. The Yoga 730 features an 8th Gen Intel Core i7, GeForce GTX 1050 discrete GPU on the 15-inch model.

Other specs include the ability to configure up to a UHD IPS 4K touchscreen on the Yoga 730. The display on the Yoga 530 is capped at a 14-inch FHD IPS touchscreen panel. Both laptops support full Windows Ink thanks to support for the Lenovo Active Pen 2, which boasts 4,096 levels of sensitivity.

While Amazon is now a partner, Lenovo continues to be fully behind Windows 10. The new Yoga's have a fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello authentication.

Availability and Pricing

The smaller 13-inch Yoga 730 will launch in April and will ship with the Active Pen 2 at a cost of €999. As for the 15-inch variant, it will also arrive in April with the Active Pen included, starting at €1,099. Finally, the wait for the 14-inch Yoga 530 is longer as it will not ship until June. This device will start at €549 (VAT included).

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