Nintendo is in many ways the Apple of gaming. The company thrives on its reputation as an innovator and like to keep itself to itself. Nintendo does not like sharing, but recently has been opening its doors a bit more. That said, the Switch console is still a closed show. However, hackers have been able to break the device and turn it into a powerful Linux tablet.

Ah, console hacking. Of course, the most popular reason to hack a console is to allow copied games to run. Companies have clamped down on this through the latest generation, and that’s a good thing.

Some people still want to hack a machine to change the software is runs. Sure, you may be thinking why, but then why jailbreak an iPhone. A selection of users simply want more freedom. That desire is how the Nintendo Switch can now be hacked to run Linux.

The fail0verflow hacking group showed on Twitter a Nintendo Switch booting Linux. Since then, the group has followed with a video that shows full Linux running on the console. This carries the touchscreen support, a full web browsing experience, and GPU power.

This is interesting because it turns the Switch into a hyper-powered gaming tablet. The team says the exploit they created can’t be fixed by Nintendo and it does not involve a modchip. However, fail0verflow has not yet confirmed how this exploit is activated.

So, how about an Android version?

Right or Wrong

We will let you play with the morality of this. It’s fine unless it does not lead to copied games being able to run. We can debate a lot about the price of games and the grip some publishers have on the history, but pirated games are not the answer. Considering hundreds of millions of dollars could be on the stake in such a scenario, we expect Nintendo to come down hard on this.