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Mixer Gets Direct Purchase to Buy Games In-Stream

Direct Purchase for Mixer allows users to purchase games and DLC directly in the streaming service without needing to go to the Microsoft Store.


is attempting to kick its game-streaming service to the next level with a new feature. Called Direct Purchase, users are able to buy games of DLC they are watching in a stream directly from the service. That means you will not need to leave Mixer if you want to make a purchase.

Clearly Microsoft wants the platform to become a true cloud-based gaming hub for users. The company is sweetening the deal by offering a 5% kickback when purchases are made on Mixer. This may appeal to many people because it will help them support their favorite streamers.

As for the streaming side, gamers streaming content can choose which games and DLC they want to promote. For example, streamers can select which game version and DLC to specifically sell towards viewers.

All the available content will come from the Microsoft Store. This means titles and DLC from , Xbox, and Xbox Play Anywhere can be purchased. Of course, you can still get these in the store, but it will be more intuitive and direct to purchase in Mixer. It also means you can keep watching the stream.

Boosting Game Streaming

Since acquiring service Beam in 2016, Microsoft has made big changes. It was rebranded as Mixer last year and added many new features since. The company has often promoted the service as the only true live-streaming game platform. Other similar service has a 10-20 second latency, but Mixer is directly live.

Over the last year, Microsoft has introduced Mixer Create for live streaming on Android and iOS. This separate service allows users to stream the games they play on a mobile device. Mobile streaming is instant, without any needed additional hardware requirements. The front facing camera is also supported, allowing content creators to put their faces in a stream.

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