Google pay's new interface

Google recently announced plans to integrate Wallet and Android Pay into a single app, and it’s not one to break its promises. The company is now rolling out ‘Google Pay’ to Android users across the world, merging the functionality of both apps into a unified payment hub.

A new home tab acts as the central point for that hub, displaying your recent purchases, nearby stores, and rewards. To keep things organized, Google has also introduced a Cards tab, which lets users loook through their loyalty programs, as well as debit and gift cards.

Other than design, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between this app and Android Pay, but Google says more features are coming soon.

With its UK release, the app will also allow for faster public transport payments. Rather than using a ticket machine, you can tap your phone against any of London’s Oyster card pads. The same can be said for Portland, with more locations coming soon.

Wallet Functionality Coming Soon

The company is also planning to integrate the functionality of the Wallet app, which is now called Google Pay Send. This means U.K. and U.S. users will soon be able to send and request money.

Naturally, Google’s secure system still runs underneath it all. Google Pay only sends an encrypted number when you use a terminal.

The idea, then, is to unify the existing payment systems rather than reinvent the wheel. Google is trying to make things easier for consumers and businesses, with an APK breakdown of Android Messages suggesting unification there, too.

In the future, it’s looking to bring the functionality to all Google products, including Chrome, Assistant, and more. Of course, users should also be aware that this means more transactions logged by the company, who can then use the information for advertising and marketing.