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Intel’s Latest Graphics Drivers Enable Automatic Game Optimization

Intel's automatic game optimization will work for both its integrated graphics and Kaby Lake G packages. Though title support is currently limtied, the company plans to add more in the future.


Graphics card giants Nvidia and AMD have offered users automatic game optimization for some time. Rather than having to tweak until they get a stable framerate, users can click and single button and be ready to go.

Intel has been upping its efforts to appeal to the gamers, as evidenced by its collaboration with AMD. It’s pairing its processors with AMD’s Vega graphics in a single, Kaby Lake G package.

The next step is software, and Intel is already making progress in that regard. The company has announced a game optimization feature for its integrated graphics, as well as Kaby Lake G.

Limited Game Support

So far the number of games supported is limited. Still, major titles like Battlefield 1, Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Grand Theft Auto V are available across all Intel hardware.

In addition, Fortnite, Lost Sphear, Subnautica, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and more are supported on Intel Graphcis HD 620 or higher. Intel’s higher end Iris Pro graphics additionally supports Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Metal Gear: Survive.

Of course, the result of most of these optimizations will be quite low settings. Integrated graphics aren’t usually gaming powerhouses. However, it could help users with little PC gaming knowledge get a stable, playable experience. When the G Series launches, we should also see compact graphics solutions become more capable.

You can preview the functionality yourself by downloading Intel’s latest graphics driver. AMD and Nvidia’s solutions tend to adjust settings too low, so it’ll be interesting to see how this compares.

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