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Windows Andromeda or Andromeda Folding Device Get Mentioned in Microsoft SDK

A newly released Microsoft SDK makes reference to the secret Andromeda project, which could be the Surface Phone or a modular Windows Experience, or maybe both.


The word Andromeda seems to be a favorite at towers and is floating around the company. Firstly, it is a specialized version of Windows, and OS that will be modular. However, Andromeda is also the codename for a Microsoft mobile device. A new SDK released yesterday made mention of the project.

This is actually significant as it is one of the first official recognitions that Andromeda is real. The device will be Microsoft's new category of hardware, which the company hopes will redefine mobile technology.

It is not clear what Andromeda is, although it is believed to come with folding screen technology. When it is finally released, it could be the we have been waiting for over the last 10 years (it seems).

As for the idea of Andromeda as a modular , this is something Microsoft is apparently working on. will allow Microsoft to adapt Windows to each specific device. Of course, this has positive implications for Internet of Things devices. It would also allow the company to scale the OS to specific devices.

With modular, Microsoft would be able to place a single Windows version on each device. It would be a true universal Windows experience, simply with specific components to match each device.

Andromeda on SDK

Windows expert Alex Ionescu says he found references to Andromeda on the latest SDK release. He shared the details on his Twitter page.

It is worth noting the information does not make reference to what the project is. So, it could be the operating system, the device, or neither. However, this is important because it shows Microsoft is indeed developing something called Andromeda.

Other rumors have suggested Microsoft will launch whatever Andromeda is this year. Whether its hardware or software, we are excited to see what the company has created. It is entirely possible Andromeda is both a platform and a debut device to highlight the modular nature of the OS.

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Luke Jones
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