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Reports: Intel to Launch Smart Glasses and Sell Majority Stake in AR Business

Intel is allegedly looking for backers to launch a pair of smart glasses this year. The development team includes members from Recon Instruments, a previous AR acquisition.


is planning to sell its majority stake in its AR division and begin selling smart glasses, reports Bloomberg. According to sources familiar with the matter, the chipmaker values the division at $350 million, and is seeking multiple backers.

The smart glasses will allegedly pair with a mobile phone via Bluetooth and will reflect lasers from their surface into the user's eyes. This will allow them to see contextual information in their field of view.

The anonymous sources claim the glasses are being manufactured in Taiwan by Quanta Computer Inc., with plans for a release this year. Internally, the project is known as Superlite, but the business will be sold under the name Vaunt.

The Future of Recon

Of course, Intel is yet to confirm the project's existence, but it would make sense. Intel has been working on wearables for some time, but began to scale things back recently. Part of that was an end to Recon, a smart glasses company it acquired in 2015.

Recon created internet-connected smart glasses for the workplace and athletes. After the end of its project, the members were rolled into Vaunt, so there's considerable expertise.

Even so, Intel and its partners will be going up against some serious competition. Apple and Amazon are said to be creating their own smart glasses, while Glass already exists for enterprises.

However, if its product doesn't reach many users, Intel be able to supply the tech to others. With the AR and VR expected to grow to $110 billion by 2025, that could still be very lucrative.

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