Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox One update for Xbox Insider members on the Preview Alpha branch. The release in question is 1802.180129-1625. As the number suggests (1802), this is an update for February 2018 which is available to test now. It seems Microsoft is using this release to make tweaks and add one new feature.

The new addition in question is a new a progress system for installations in the Guide. A progress bar shows how downloads are moving, giving you an idea of how long they will take. This bar can be viewed in a specific tile location at the bottom of the Guide.

Opening the tile pops up an interface windows showing queued items and their status. Basic functions like pausing and cancelling an installation are accessible here.

Aside from the new progress bar, no new abilities have been added in Xbox Insider preview 1802.180129-1625. However, Microsoft has made plenty of tweak, improvements and fixes with this release.

You can check out the full changelog below:

Installation Progress in Guide: In-progress installations are now visible from a tile at the bottom of the Guide. When selected, this tile opens a new interface showing items in the queue and their status, and allowing some basic functions like pausing or cancelling the installation.


  • Profile: Fixed an issue which caused some elements in Profile to appear misaligned.
  • Home and Dashboard: Resolved an issue which sometimes caused unexpected crashes.
  • Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Known Issues

  • Games Installation: Games that are installed fail to launch. Workaround: If the games are installed to an external drive please copy the game to the internal drive or attempt to delete the title and redownload to fix the launch error.
  • Display: We are investigating the inaccurate RGB colors that have been reported when displaying in 4K HDR mode when playing a UHD disc.


  • The left and right navigation for selecting date and time during Tournament creation is currently reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in the bracket view of Tournaments is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

Xbox Insider Program Expansion

In August, Microsoft opened the Xbox Insider Program to all Xbox One users. The program had been locked down to a limited number of members. Indeed, Microsoft had even stopped taking new applications.

A beta testing ground, the program serves as a replacement for the Xbox Preview Program and lets users test Xbox One features before their full release.