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While Microsoft’s MSN News is not the most popular news aggregator out there, it is still commonly used. In fact, it has between one million and five million downloads on Android. It is also well reviewed on both iOS and Android. MSN in general is not what it once was, but Microsoft is still throwing features at it.

The company yesterday launched new MSN News beta applications for both iOS and Android. With these new apps, users get several new features and improvements. For example, users can now create a more personalized experience. The apps will follow user interest more accurately to deliver the best new content individually.

Interests will also be spread across devices, so MSN News will remember preferences across platforms. Readability improvements have been made, while Microsoft has also added a new dark theme to the app.

Through the MSN News widget, users can access the latest news easily and scroll from one article to the next. The app is currently in beta and comes with an easy set up tool to help users get started.

If you are interested in being a tester, you can get the iOS app here and the Android app here.

MSN News Development

The last time Microsoft focused on sweeping changes for MSN News was back in 2016. That was two years ago, so the service has been due an upgrade. Back then, the company brought support for the latest iOS builds.

While the beta app is in development, the normal MSN News app is available on iOS and Android. The core features of the current application include:

  • CUSTOMIZED TOPICS: Follow topics you care about— like your favorite sports team, celebrity, or gadget. Sign in to save your preferences.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Stay up-to-date with breaking news alerts.
  • SHARING STORIES: Share your favorite content with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, text, or email.
  • AVAILABLE ANYWHERE: Automatically sync your favorite topics across MSN News on the web and your mobile apps for quick access to the news you want to read.