Microsoft is a mobile app developer for iOS and Android these days. Following the company’s decision to stop issuing new features for Windows 10 Mobile, core apps on rival platforms are the focus. Outlook is certainly a key application for Microsoft, especially in the business market. Today, the company is adding an important new feature.

If you are running Apple’s iOS on an iPhone, you now get support for opening web link through Microsoft Edge in Outlook. Basically, this means Outlook will open links into Edge instead of Safari, which is the iOS default.

It is worth noting that it does not change the iPhone defaults. Other apps will still open links to Safari, but Outlook will open to Edge. Of course, that’s only if you want it to. You can find the setting through the menu button in the app and finding the “Open Links with” in the Preferences section.

Naturally, you will also need to have the Microsoft Edge browser app on your device. Microsoft wants as many of its apps running on rival platforms as possible. CEO Satya Nadella once spoke about an iPhone Pro, essentially any iPhone with all Microsoft’s apps running. In other words, he thinks the smartphone would be better with Microsoft’s apps.

New Outlook

Last summer, Microsoft issued a major update for Outlook on iOS and Android. As the company turned its back on Windows 10 Mobile, it focused on enhancing the mail experience on other platforms.

One of the core differences was Conversations – this is a quick, interactive email solution for Outlook users. Subtle changes like more of each message showing in the pane and opening unread messages make a more efficient experience.

You can also reply to everyone with a quick tap in the quick reply box, viewing the rest of the conversation as you reply. To reduce clutter, actions like forwarding are now found under a triple dot menu.