Surface laptop

When Microsoft announced Windows 10 S last May, the company also revealed a new device. The Surface Laptop is the flagship product for the education-focused SKU. However, Windows 10 S has since been promoted as a business platform as well as an educational one. To extend that, Microsoft is now selling the Commercial Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro.

You may already know that since the launch of Windows 10 S, Microsoft has been offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for devices running the SKU. The Surface Laptop was included in the deal. The company has extended this promotion through a few cycles, the latest ending on March 31, 2018.

While this is likely to be the last extension it still means Surface Laptop users can upgrade for free. So, what’s the good thing about this new Microsoft Store listing selling the laptop with Windows 10 Pro?

Well, it is for the Commercial Surface Laptop, which is the business-focused version. While anyone can buy this variant, it is designed for companies buying multiple units. With that in mind, they can now buy the device with Windows 10 Pro already installed. Of course, this saves having to upgrade multiple machines, even if the upgrade is free.


It is so far unclear if Microsoft will continue this offer once the free upgrade ends. Interestingly, there are more color options for the professional laptop than the education Windows 10 S version. It is available in Platinum (exclusive), Blue, Cobalt, and Blue.

As for price, Microsoft is asking a lot for the Commercial Surface Laptop. The Core i5, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD configuration is exclusive to commercial and costs $1,099 (Windows 10 S) or $1,199 (Windows 10 Pro). All subsequent models are market up $50 over the Windows 10 S configurations. This suggests Microsoft will indeed continue to sell this deal after the free upgrade ends.