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Chrome 64 Brings HDR to Windows 10 and Fights Back Against Annoying Content

Google’s new Chrome 64 browser has taken a stand against annoying and malicious content. The new version also introduces support for HDR on Windows 10.


is rolling out the latest version of its market-leading web browser to users this week. Chrome 64 is making its way across platform, with availability on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The browser scores important features such as permanently mute videos and support for HDR videos. Google has also empowered Chrome with mitigation to prevent the Meltdown and Spectre flaw.

Protecting users, whether from security vulnerabilities or crap content, seems to be the focus of Chrome 64. The browser arrives with an improved pop-up blocker. Google says this will filter sites with abusive content more efficiently and stop them opening news windows or tabs.

Most of us have probably been fooled by sites putting misplaced buttons, or transparent overlays. This new blocker should deal with them.

Taking it a step further, there are also sites that play videos that auto-play and follow you across pages, sound blasting and all. These are annoying to say the least and Chrome 64 wants to deal with them. You won't need to rush to mute the video or close the tab as the browser now deals with these efficiently.

Users can right-click the tab to mute the website permanently. Chrome previously had a mute tab feature, but it was only temporary. Chrome will now remember which sites have been muted. The browser will also disable autoplay videos.

Google has also tackled the problem caused by malicious auto-redirects. Users can now stay on their intended page while the browser deals with “all redirects originating from third-party iframes will show an infobar”.

HDR Support for Windows 10

Google also confirmed Chrome now supports HDR video on Windows 10:

“This means you can get vibrant colors, darker blacks, and brighter whites from the latest HDR displays. HDR support is now available on Windows 10, and more platforms are coming soon.”

HDR support has been available to users since last year, but is coming to desktop for the first time. The feature is available if you have Windows 10 and Chrome 64.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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