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Xbox One Update Brings Much-Needed WiFi, Party Chat Improvements

An Xbox One Update brings stability to millions of users, repairing connection issues, Party Chat disconnects, Dolby Atmos, and more.


is rolling out anXbox One update that fixes issues present in the Fall Creators Update. The improvements should result in a much more stable experience on the console, particularly when playing online.

Among the improvements is a WiFi firmware update for the X and S that should enhance performance and reliability. It has also fixed an issue that made some networks undiscoverable, as well as unexpected disconnections.

For online gamers, these fixes are essential, as loss of connectivity in a game like PUBG can often result in death. Adding to that are reparations for Party Chat. Users should no longer experience loss of party chat audio, meaning they can stay in contact with their team with no hitches.

Dolby Atmos Fixes

Speaking of audio, a non-essential but welcome fix is coming to users of Dolby Atmos. Previously, starting the TV and Console before the AVR broke the feature. This is now remedied, as is an issue that prevented users pressing B to go back in the Store.

Finally, the Xbox team is doing its part to keep family restrictions simple. Users were experiencing issues when upgrading from a child account to an adult one, as all the limitations would stay in place. This has been remedied, so you no longer have to create a new account.

This update will roll out automatically as always and should be with most users by now. You can read the full changelog on the Xbox support site.

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