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New Xbox One Elite Controller Could Bring Game-Changing Customizable Analog Stick Tension

The reported development of a new Xbox One Elite gamepad could allow Microsoft to include a patented tech for adjusting analog stick tension.


We are slowly moving into an era of console as a service and is pursuing this more than most. However, the company will still have to ensure hardware is up to date. We have seen a change in tactic this generation and the fact a new Elite controller is in development highlights the shift.

Specifically, we had become used to mid-generation upgrades of existing consoles. These would usually be devices that refined the design of the original. The mid-gen's would be smaller and a little bit more powerful. Think of how the Xbox 360 evolved through its lifetime and you get the gist.

There were never seismic mid-gen bumps until this generation. The Xbox One X and to a lesser extent the PS4 Pro are major leaps forward compared to their original cousins. So much so, Microsoft could have debuted the Xbox One X as the Xbox Two (or whatever), and most would have accepted that.

So, we are going to see big hardware shifts through a console generation. Where does the Xbox One Elite controller come into this? Well, it is reportedly in line for an upgrade that will significantly improve the gamepad.

It is worth pointing out the original XO Elite controller was a major step forward from the gamepad that shipped with the original Xbox One. The OG pad was released in 2013 and the Elite pad upped the ante through its 2015 release.

Microsoft is now furthering the major hardware bump-in-a-generation deal with a reported new Elite pad. According to information that first appeared on Baidu, the new Xbox One Elite controller will get the following features:

  • USB-C port
  • Charging case
  • Bluetooth for support
  • 3-stage triggers
  • Profile switch with 3 presets
  • Larger analog stick well

Customizable Analog Stick

A report from Windows Latest points to Microsoft possibly implementing patented (but so far unused) tech into the controller. The company has a file for a gamepad mechanism that allows the tension of the analog sticks to be tuned by the player.

This is important. Gamers are a funny bunch. What's good for me may not be good for you. This is evidenced by the fact some people think the Xbox One controller is the best ever, while I prefer the PS4 pad (yes, I know, heretic and all that). Having a customizable analog stick would be massive.

It would allow each gamer to have a different feeling pad to the other. Match the tension to personal preference, or even to individual games. If Microsoft's patent makes it way to the new Xbox One Elite controller, it could be a game changer.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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