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Microsoft and Amazon Miss Cortana-Alexa Integration Target, Promise More Information ‘Soon’

The deadline for Cortana-Alexa integration has come and gone, but Microsoft assures users that more information will be coming soon. The functionality will bring a new wave of tools to each digital assistant.


The announcement of Cortana-Alexa inoperability was met with equal parts surprise and excitement. However, the months have come and gone with no sign of the functionality. Users are concerned about the future of the partnership, and the companies have put those rumors to bed.

Speaking to Thurrott on Tuesday, a spokesperson said, “We'll have more to share soon.”

Similarly, said, “We're working on it and expect to begin rolling it out soon.”

Though there's no hint of a new release date, CES is just around the corner, and it would be the perfect place to showcase it.

A Game-changing Partnership

Despite the delay, the combination of Amazon and Alexa has to be praised. Microsoft CEO has long announced his plans to democratize AI, but his company had still shown restraint when it comes to competition.

Alexa compatibility means users can access a much wider range of tasks. By saying, “, open Alexa,” you'll be able to use the most important aspects of each. It's essential for Microsoft, who is late to the game, and also Amazon, who can tap into Windows 10's 500 million userbase.

Both are open to the idea of joining them, but there doesn't seem much chance of that happening soon. Google's assistant is ahead in many areas and is already available on phones, TVs, and speakers.

Hopefully, Amazon and Alexa will iron out any wrinkles and get it out in the first quarter. The efforts of both could make them stronger competitors, while also pleasing consumers. We'll be keeping a close eye on CES and update you with any further information.

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