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Windows Template Studio Gets 1.6 Update with Image Gallery Support and More

Windows Template Studio now supports web to app links, drag and drop source, and more. The team is currently working on Fluent Design additions and support for Prism.


's Windows Template Studio has been updated to v1.6 with a significant number of improvements. The extension helps developers create UWP apps with Visual Studio. An install wizard lets them pick from pages and features to include, creating a basic framework very quickly.

Today marks the addition of a new page type: Image Gallery, as well as a number of features and improvements.

Users can now create a Web to App link, which ensures links to websites open in an associated app rather than a web browser.

Windows Template Studio 1.6 Studio Changelog

It also introduces several improvements, which aren't major but improve its overall quality.

Here's the full changelog:

New Pages:

  • Image Gallery

New Features:

  • Drag and drop source
  • Web to App Link

Template improvements:

  • Minor tweaks for Fluent
  • Discovered a few pages that set background color

Improvements to the Wizard:

  • Lots of under the hood bug fixes and code improvements
  • Much more Visual Basic engine work
  • Work for supporting multiple projects in a single solution
  • Work to support Prism”

Microsoft has also confirmed several features that are in the works. As well as the Visual Basic and Prism support it's working on a better update system. This should increase startup speed and reduce the file download size.

The team is also working diligently to implement Fluent Design elements, as well as Inking and more. All of this should be coming in the next version, as well as a fix for uninstalling and upgrade errors.

Users should have the latest version already, but you can also grab a fresh copy from the official GitHub.

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