For a moment, it seemed the impossible had happened. A Google Chrome listing appeared in the Microsoft Store, leading some to think it was had a compatible app.

However, it’s turned out to be closer to an elaborate joke. ‘Google Chrome Installer’ is just that. It will open the ‘Download Chrome,’ webpage many are familiar with, and clicking the link simply downloads the installer from your default browser.

“This installer helps you get the official Google Chrome: A fast and safe browser from Google,” says the Store listing. “Windows 10 S is incompatible with apps like Google Chrome. To use Google Chrome, upgrade for free (for a limited time) to Windows 10 Pro.”

Basically, the easiest way to get Chrome is still by searching for it in your browser. In fact, the app could break Microsoft’s policies. According to its documentation, you should “offer unique and distinct value within your app” and “provide a compelling reason to download your app from the Store.”

Under section 10.2.4, the document also states that apps “must not deliver or install non-integrated third-party owned or branded apps or modules unless they are fully contained in your app package.”

It seems like Google’s app violates at least one of these policies, but it’s hard to say if Microsoft will remove it anyway.

Unlikely to Get a True Release

Of course, Google could later update the listing with more functionality, but it’s very unlikely that will happen. Another policy states that all apps must use Windows 10’s HTML and JavaScript engines, and Chrome uses its own Blink rendering.

In short, Google would have to create a bespoke Chrome app just to serve Store users. It may be okay with displaying Bing cars on Google Street View, but that’s a step too far.

Currently, the app has a 1.5-star rating, with one five star review, and the rest one stars. Given its functionality, we doubt that will go up anytime soon.

If, for some strange reason, you want the app, here it is.