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Microsoft Updating Cortana Notebook UI in Windows 10 Redstone 4

The central virtual assistant hub called Cortana Notebook is getting a redesign that adds two new sections to the UI, “Organizer” and “Manage Skills”.


If you are a regular user of Notebook on , you will soon be seeing a fresh UI for the service. is currently testing a new design for the sections on Windows 10 PCs. This new look was first discovered by a Reddit user and is running on the latest builds for Windows Insiders.

Cortana Notebook houses many of the virtual assistant's abilities in a central location on Windows 10. This allows users to leverage automatic tasks to make time management more efficient.

In the Notebook location, Cortana learns from your actions such as interests and favorite places. The assistant will use the information she gathers to automatically provide you with alerts. These will range from traffic, tracking flights, or managing a calendar.

Cortana's Notebook can also provide automatic updates for weather and other notifications. The important aspect of the feature is that this can all be done from one place and can be turned on or off when you want.

New Sections

As you can see in the screenshots, the new UI transforms the look of the Notebook. There are now two sections, one called “Organizer” and one called “Manage Skills”.

With Organizer, users can create To-Do lists and Reminders for Cortana to manage for you. The other new section is Manage Skills, which regroups the skills listed from the old UI under new categories. These categories are Connection settings, Productivity, Stay, and Lifestyle.

By the look of the UI, it will make Cortana Notebook easier to use. As this is a Redstone 4 preview feature, we guess it will move through pre-release branches. However, it will not launch to all end users until Redstone 4 morphs into the next major Windows 10 build in spring, 2018.

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