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You Can Now Edit Videos via the Windows 10 Movies & TV App

Windows 10's Movies & TV app now lets users open videos in Story Remix, opening the door to seamless editing. However, the functionality is still far behind Windows Movie Maker.


Windows 10 has been missing a native video editing tool since its inception. Previous versions of the OS have come bundled with Movie Maker, but the latest iteration doesn’t even include that.

Microsoft began to remedy that with the Fall Creators Update, which brought video editing tools to the Photos app. However, few would look in an image app for such a solution, and a new improvement fixes that.

Version 10.17102.1391.0 of the Movies & TV app integrates video editing tools. The feature is currently available in Production and Insider builds.

To access it, you simply press the pencil tool when watching a video. Doing so simply opens the video on Photos, where you can access Story Remix. That means text effects, explosions, cutting, more.

Just a Test Feature?

It has the feel of a temporary solution. Putting editing tools under the Movies & TV section isn’t much better than Photos, and the fact it opens a separate app is strange.

However, it’s very likely Microsoft will improve editing tools further and it has plenty of time to refine things. Last year, Microsoft hinted at a Windows 10 Movie Maker app, which it said would be available “soon” on the Windows Store.

It’s been over a year since then, and we’ve heard nothing, so it’s unclear if Story Remix functionality with replace the new Movie Maker, or simply predate it. Our guess is the former. Either way, none of the apps hold a candle to iMovie or third-party solutions, so advanced users will be looking elsewhere.

For more casual users, though, Story Remix remains a passable solution, and Movies & TV integration will only make it more accessible.

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