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Mozilla runs 9,5h Comedy Trash Event to save you on Cyber Monday

Mozilla is kicking off the first ever Download-A-Thon, a 570-minute Facebook livestream of “fun” and interactive content to get away from the Cyber Monday rush.


Black Friday has once again been and gone. The madness is not over though and there are plenty of deals to be had on Cyber Monday. However, what if you are the type who wants to curl up in a ball and let the craziness of the bargain hunters pass you by? Well, Mozilla has you covered with the first ever Download-A-Thon.

I can probably predict your two questions. What is a Download-A-Thon, and what’s the point? First, let’s tackle the easier question. The Download-A-Thon is something that the folks at Firefox have come up with to show off the speed of its updated new browser.

Even if you are not hitting the stores this Cyber Monday, there is a chance you will be making a purchase online. The day is so busy that many sites crash and simply buying that laptop on the cheap becomes a frustrating experience.

The Download-A-Thon will provide a distraction and some fun while you wait. Mozilla says the event is 570 minutes (9.5 hours, I’ll do the math so you don’t have to) of live and interactive content. The event will be live streamed on Facebook from noon Pacific today (11/27). The festivities include:

  • A speed eating competition where the audience votes on which foods get eaten
  • A Belated Birthday (we turned 13 on November 9th) Baking Show
  • A short-form improv comedy showdown
  • Interpretive dance-a-thon where the audience gets to decide what the dancers are interpreting through movement
  • And much more…like 5 ½ hours more

In a blog post to announce the event, Firefox says we should “Think about it as an oasis in the midst of the Cyber Monday insanity.”

Open Tab

The company advises users to keep a tab open on the new-improved browser. Firefox says this will allow users to easily runaway from Cyber Monday and into the welcoming arms of the Download-A-Thon.

“The point is that we made the Download-A-Thon for you because we’re all on the same internet and at least for one day — especially on Cyber Monday — we want to make that internet a slightly better place. We hope to see you there.”

So, I explained what the Download-A-Thon is, but I can’t really say what the point is. Some easy marketing for Firefox’s browser I guess. Mozilla has recently rolled out a new version of its web browser. The overhaul is welcome and kills several frustrations from the old experience.

However, as marketing gimmicks go, the Download-A-Thon sounds as much like buzzkill as it does welcome Cyber Monday distraction. Buy hey, head over to the livestream later today and judge for yourself.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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