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Microsoft Says if Will Kill the Windows PDF Reader and Points Users to Microsoft Edge

It seems less people are using the PDF Reader launched with Windows 8 because Microsoft Edge can do the job directly.


has announced it will kill off its PDF Reader application. Support will end early in 2018 and the company is urging customers to instead use . With the browser, users can open and read PDF files directly on the web.

Users are still able to download the Reader application, but are now greeted by a notification when launching the service. The note says support will end in February 2018. Once this happens, the app will not be useable.

“Microsoft is retiring the Reader app on this and later versions of Windows 10 and you will not be to use this app after 15 February 2018. We recommend Microsoft Edge for reading PDF, Windows XPS Viewer for XPS, and Windows Photos app for TIFF files,” Microsoft says.

The notification also gives users a direct link to use Microsoft Edge for PDF viewing. As you can see in the note, Microsoft is suggesting users switch to three separate apps to achieve the functions of a single service.

This seems counter intuitive, but the company argues users have already been turning their backs on Reader. The app was first launched with Windows 10 in 2012 and was the default PDF viewer. However, users have already warmed to Microsoft Edge and third-party apps since the launch of Windows 10.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer Axed

Microsoft seems to be doing the rounds on its viewing apps this week. The company also announced its is ending support for the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer.

The app allowed users to read Office documents for those services without needing the full-fledged application. However, since the launch of Office apps in the Microsoft Store, the company see no need for the Viewer.

In an announcement, the company said it will kill the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps in stages over the next five months. Unlike the PDF Reader, users will be able to keep using the Viewer apps once support ends. Although, this will be at risk as Microsoft will no longer send security updates.

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Luke Jones
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