Microsoft’s Surface devices have often men tough to repair according to iFixit, which takes devices, breaks them down, and scores them on how hard they are to dismantle. The company’s latest, the Surface Book 2 follows the trend of form over reparability.

According to iFixit’s report on the Surface Book 2, the news is not good. Indeed, the firm has given the product a lowly one out of 10 score.

The company found that the laptop hybrid is glued into place at each access point. The best was to open the device at these points is to heat the glue slightly before using prying tools.

While things get a little simpler inside, the Surface Book 2 is still complicated. That’s because there are loads of screws. Microsoft uses the myriad screws to keep the detachable tablet section of the device intact. This part also includes a maze of ribbon cables for various connectors.

Changing a faulty processor or RAM would be complicated by the fact both are soldered to the board. However, at least the SSD can be replaced more easily. Although, remember you or someone you pay would have to get past the tricky opening of the device.

Microsoft has crafted a beautiful device in the Surface Book 2. However, it seems only the company itself would be able to fix it with any degree of confidence.

It is worth pointing out that the Surface Book 2 got the same score as the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro. These are of course the devices Microsoft is directly competing with. The Surface range is largely showing that Windows-based products can be as aesthetically pleasing as Apple’s.

Like Cupertino’s undoubtedly svelte and sexy products, the crowd-pleasing looks certainly come at a price. We have seen this with other Surface devices iFixit has tackled. Earlier this year, the company said the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are impossible to fix, getting a zero out of 10 score.

New Surface Book

Microsoft introduced the Surface Book 2 last month, and pre-orders for the device opened last week. Here’s a rundown of all the specs:

  • Graphics (13.5?): Intel HD Graphics 620 integrated GPU, Intel UHD Graphics 620 integrated GPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete GPU w/2GB VRAM
  • Graphics (15?): Intel UHD Graphics 620 integrated GPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 discrete GPU w/6GB VRAM
  • Display (13.5?): PixelSense Display, 3000 x 2000, (267 PPI),1600:1 contrast ratio, 10-point multi-touch G5
  • Display (15?): PixelSense Display, 3240 x 2160, (260 PPI),1600:1 contrast ratio, 10-point multi-touch G5
  • CPU: 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8650U (quad-core) with up to 4.20 GHz Max Turbo, 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7300U with up to 3.50 GHz Max Turbo
  • Memory: 16 GB 1866Mhz LPDDR3, 8 GB 1866Mhz LPDDR3
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD, 512 GB SSD,1 TB SSD
  • Battery: Up to 17 hours of video playback
  • Cameras: 5 MP front-facing with Windows Hello, 8.0 MP rear-facing
  • Ports: 2 USB 3.0 Type-A, USB Type-C, UHS-II SDXC card reader, 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 Surface Connect
  • Audio: Front-facing stereo with Dolby Audio Premium