Apple has reduced the waiting time for iPhone X deliveries: new customers now have to wait about two to three weeks before shipping, as the manufacturer notes in its own online store. Previously, three to four weeks had been mentioned. It can take another week from despatch to delivery, since the devices usually start their journey directly from the production sites in China.

iPhone X meeting high demand

The first batch of the smartphone, which has been available since the beginning of November, was sold out quickly, and since then the iPhone X has been relatively difficult to obtain. However, certain model variants are always available in individual stores of the company. The online store lists devices that can then be picked up on specific sites.

We are hearing that in some countries, Apple has also started shipping few iPhone X orders that were originally scheduled for the end of November. It remains unclear at this stage whether the premature delivery will be carried out for just a few or many customers.

Apple preparing for Xmas-sales of iPhone X

Apple’s falling supply forecasts suggest that the company could gradually meet demand until the beginning or mid-December if no further production delays occur. The planned launch of the iPhone X in thirteen other countries at the end of November does not appear to be causing any further delays.

The demand for the iPhone X, which will only be available from USD 999.00 upwards, is “extraordinary”, the group announced shortly after the start of sales, but no concrete figures were announced. However, Apple has set another significant sales record for the current Christmas season. Sales are expected to be between USD 84 and 87 billion.