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Microsoft’s Radbot Trademark Points to Mixer Integration

Radbot is a customer service bot designed for online game streaming, suggesting it is being developed for Microsoft’s Mixer platform.


While some of 's work with bots has been hit and miss, the company has been a leader in bot development. As one of the first to embrace a bot ecosystem, Microsoft is continuing to develop the technology. The company is now working on a game-specific Radbot.

Before continuing, it is worth noting gaming bots have rarely been successful. Admittedly, bots are still nascent, but gamers typically want outside distractions removed from their experience.

However, the gaming bot Microsoft is developing could be different. According to a trademark application filed by the company, the “Radbot” is a customer service offering. It acts as an “online customer service in the field of online gaming and streaming.

To be clear, it does not seem the bot would interfere with actual gaming. It will instead give users an easy access point to Microsoft customer service. Considering the trademark specifically discussed online streaming, it seems Radbot would fit nicely into the network.


Mixer is Microsoft's game-streaming service that evolved from Beam, which was acquired last year. The platform has feature such as co-streaming, and as Microsoft said at the time, delivers true livestreams:

“Arguably the core new feature is the ability to truly livestream. Microsoft says current platforms have a 10 – 20 second latency, while Mixer will actually be live. Beam abilities like true interaction with streamers and social aspects are carried over to the new platform.

Viewers can participate in a stream by influencing gameplay. In the future, the company says more interactivity will come to Mixer as official game integration. Such a possibility is being developed by the Minecraft team which would allow viewers to spawn in enemies and change weather within a stream.”

Radbot would fit perfectly in Mixer and we guess that is its destination if it is ever released. Of course, trademarking something does not mean it will ever come to market. Indeed, it is possible something like the Radbot would just be folded into another service. Cortana, for example, is a ready-made solution that would work well as a Mixer assistant.

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Luke Jones
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