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Windows Insider Build Finally Introduces Tab Mute Feature to Microsoft Edge

As well as improvements to ebook functionality, the latest insider update lets users right-click to mute tabs. The feature has been requested for some time.


After countless months of requests, you can finally mute tabs in Microsoft Edge. The feature is thanks to Windows 10 build 17035, which rolled out to users on Wednesday.

The addition will provide some much-needed relief for websites with auto-playing videos, loud pop-ups, or background music. However, the feature won’t reach the public until the next major Windows update, which will release some time next year.

With every major browser already sporting the feature, it’s surprising that Microsoft has taken so long. We’ve been critical in the past about the company’s decision to keep Edge and Windows updates bundled, and this feels like another nail in the coffin.

While Chrome, Firefox, and Opera roll tons of minor updates out each year, Microsoft limits itself to two or three. As a result, progress for the browser is very slow, though it’s notably better than it was on its first launch.

Other Edge Improvements

As well as tab muting, Edge has received some book-oriented updates. You’ll soon be able to save free EPUBs from the web that you’ve been reading in Edge, and see a new context menu.

When you right-click on a title in the Book pane, Microsoft Edge will now show options to view it in the Microsoft Store, Pin it to the start menu, and refresh your book list. There’s also a slight change to ‘Remove from here’, which is now called ‘Remove from device.’

Microsoft is still working on improvements for RS4, so hopefully, we’ll see the introduction of other missing features. Basic additions, like history search and full-screen mode, would go a long way.

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