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Windows Mixed Reality to Support SteamVR Games Next Week

Microsoft has confirmed a preview program that allows Windows Mixed Reality users to download and play SteamVR games on their headset.


Windows Mixed Reality is 's play to dominate the mixed and virtual reality markets. The company is banking on being first with a major ecosystem will help it to be the leader in the technology. However, for that, the company needs support. OEMs are on board in a big way, and now games are coming to the platform.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Microsoft confirmed SteamVR games will come to Windows Mixed Reality next week. While the platform is arguably more about enterprise and practical applications in the long term, games and entertainment are important.

Tying up one of the biggest catalogs of virtual reality games available gives Microsoft something to sell to the casual user. At first, SteamVR content will be available in a preview program. The doors for that will open on November 15.

It is worth noting that Windows Mixed Reality is very much in its infancy. Getting SteamVR on board is arguably proof that Microsoft is on to something with the platform. Either way, the preview program will allow users of nascent OEM-built to test titles from Steam.

Headsets will have access to the Steam store. Of course, this helps to expand the number of titles available on Windows Mixed Reality. For example, the Windows Store currently has 60 games. I would argue that is not bad for a platform that launched late last month.

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However, in contrast, the more mature Steam store has hundreds of games, including most of the top titles.

Microsoft is clearly still finalizing the software, hence the preview tag. The company has not said when the program will leave beta, but we expect it to be next year some time.

Microsoft formally unveiled its Windows Mixed Reality platform last month. There are numerous headsets either available or coming soon from leading OEMs like Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Samsung.

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Luke Jones
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