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Microsoft Word Now Translates Text and Whole Documents to 60 Languages

With Microsoft Word Translator in Office 365, users can select single words, multiple words, or the whole document to be translated instantly.


Users of on can now translate in more languages. has expanded translation support to over 60 languages with Word Translator. Users of the cloud-based productivity suite can select a single word, multiple words, or the whole text to be translated.

Microsoft has leveraged its intelligent services to bring easy built-in translation to Microsoft Word. With the selected text ability, users just need to select a single or multiple words and right click. This opens the translator pane to show the results.

For entire documents, the translation tool is behind the Review ribbon. The Translate button will change the whole document to a chosen language and maintain all the links.

Microsoft says Word Translator is only available to subscribers of Office 365. Users already subscribed to the suite should be able to see the tool immediately.

Additionally, the translated version will be made as a duplicate. In other words, the original un-translated document will remain intact. When using Word Translator for the first time, the app will ask you to select which is your preferred writing language and which is your preferred “To” language.

Users can change both of these selections whenever they choose. I have yet to try out the tool to see how accurate the translation is.

While this is a simple addition, it is an important one. It allows users to overcome language barrier in documents. This could have a profound impact on business and education users. If a user receives a document in a non-native language, they will be able to understand it.

LinkedIn Integration

Speaking of new abilities in Word on Office 365, Microsoft has also debuted a LinkedIn tool called Resume Assistant. The Microsoft Word integration taps directly into LinkedIn and allows users to search for job descriptions and more.

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