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Microsoft Confirms Xbox One X Supports 1440p (Quad HD) Monitors

As well as playing games natively at 4K, the Xbox One X will also play on 1440p monitors that are favored by some gamers.


's will be fully launched on November 7. Soon customers will get the world's most powerful console, which makes the jump from 1080p Full HD gaming to 4K capabilities. However, Microsoft's machine will also play games at another high-resolution quality.

Kevin Gammill took to Twitter and answered a question based on the X's ability to play games at 1440p. The answer was affirmative, so gamers with 1440p monitors will enjoy a resolution bump over 1080p.

Before continuing, it is perhaps good to define the different resolutions. 1080p is the resolution level of the current Xbox One S and is known as Full HD. 4K outputs at 2160p and is also known as Ultra HD (UHD). This is the resolution that is leading the next wave of consumer TV products.

Without muddying the waters too much, 4K is a cinema standard but has for some reason been adopted by the TV manufacturing industry. UHD could also be used for 8K, so for true accuracy, 2160p is the best definition.


Then there is 1440p, which lies in the middle of the two. It has a greater resolution than 1080p, but less than 4K. For those who are into high-end smartphones, 1440p will be familiar as the go-to screen resolution. On many spec sheets it is known as Quad HD or sometimes 2K.

1440p is also popular on high-end gaming monitors. It gives a resolution bump and strong framerate output without compromising as much resources.

Xbox One X Support

So, the Xbox One X will support the Quad HD format, although it is unlikely Microsoft will make a big deal of this. In terms of monitor displays, 1440p is very much a niche. Don't expect manufacturers to target this market, not with the 4K capabilities of the X.

Incidentally, this is something Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro cannot do. The company's rival to the Xbox One X can only output in 1080p and 4K, although it does use 1440p for up-scaling purposes.

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