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Microsoft Employee Forced to Download Chrome after Edge Fails during Presentation

A troublesome Azure demo led to a Microsoft employee switching from Edge to Chrome. During setup, he unticked a box, joking, 'We’re going to not help make Google better'.


has been steadily improving Edge, but it started a lot later than its rivals. Despite improvements with every OS update, it still has a few problems, as a recent presentation showed.

During an Azure migration tutorial at Microsoft Ignite, an employee had to pause the presentation and switch to Chrome to get things up and running. Though it happened back in September, users have only recently discovered the slip-up.

However, as you can tell by the video below, Edge was in private browsing mode, which could have been the cause. Naturally, Microsoft's browser usually works perfectly with Azure.

Lock-down Issues

The employee also handled it admirably. Rather than messing around trying to fix it or canceling the demo, he realized it wasn't working and moved on. Switching to a different browser is part of the usual troubleshooting process, and he even managed to imbue a bit of humor.

“I always love it when demos break,” he said of the problem. “Now, while we're talking here, I'm going to go and install Chrome.”

“We're going to not help make better,” he said when prompted during the setup process.

According to the employee, Edge was “a little locked down” on the machines they were using, and he simply forgot.

At the end of the day, the demo was for Azure, not Edge, so it's more of a humorous mistake than a serious problem. If users follow the same steps at home, they'll run into no issues, so it serves its purpose.

The bigger question is why he chose Microsoft's main competitor over Firefox or Opera.

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