There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Xbox One X is a huge step up, but its success depends almost entirely on developer support.

Many have thought it unlikely that developers of existing titles will update their games with 4K or HDR support, which would make it unwise to buy the console at launch.

Microsoft previously announced a list of 162 ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ titles, but it wasn’t clear how many would be available immediately.

A week away from release, we have an answer, and it’s quite reasonable.

Available within a Week

According to Xbox marketing head Albert Penello, the One X will get 70 titles ‘right around release’. Even better, he’s clarified that means within a week. It’s an impressive number that signals a good future for the console.

It’s worth noting, however, that ‘Xbox One Enhanced’ doesn’t necessarily mean 4K. It simply means the developer has put work in for the new console. Games could support just HDR, just 4K, a higher framerate, or anywhere in between.

However, Microsoft also claims that all game will run better on the Xbox One X regardless of enhancement. Developers won’t have to put the work in for a better experience, but they will if they want to take full advantage.

The way they make use of that extra power will be down to the developer. It could mean more environmental assets like foliage, high-resolution textures, 4K, or draw distance. As a result, Xbox One X likely won’t be a consistent experience, but it should be better across the board.

Games coming to the console include Assassins Creed Origins with 4K and HDR, Microsoft’s own titles, and older games like Paladins, Path of Exile, and Oblivion. You can view a full list on the Xbox site.