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Minecraft Servers Announce Spooky Halloween Content

The scary season is nearly here and Minecraft servers Lifeboat, InPvP and Mineplex are joining the fun with redesigned lobbies, DLC, scary games, and more.


As we know, whenever a holiday comes around, likes to join the festivities with some themed shenanigans. With Halloween just around the corner, the folks developing the game are highlighting some spooky events.

Specifically, Minecraft server partners Lifeboat, InPvP and Mineplex are running Halloween-themed events. The game developers promise “There will be tricks! There will be treats! Minigames! Themed cosmetic items! Pets! Pumpkins!”

Starting with Lifeboat, the server says users will see a tiny skeleton that will be “wandering round” the game lobby. This skeleton will transform with spider infestations, pumpkins, and glowing green water.

If a player kills the skeleton, they will get a cave spider zombie jockey that will act as a pet. Lifeboat says the spider will accompany gamers for the duration of the Halloween period. However, killing the skeleton is no easy feat as the dev's say the lobby is periodically invaded by zombies. The server is also getting a parkour course set in a haunted house.

InPvP is also getting in on the Halloween fun and has created a new neighbourhood that appears in the lobby. A trick or treat mini game of sorts, users can visit a Jack-o-lantern character, wear Halloween-themed clothes, and visit houses to be given a sweet or a scare.

Gamers can wander the neighbourhood with one of the limited DLC pets: “a blaze, baby ghast, monstrous wolf or, er, mooshroom.”

Mineplex Halloween

Mineplex says it has “completely redesigned” its lobby with a Halloween theme, which is home to the Pumpkin King. The King of the lobby brings rewards and quests on a three-hour rotation.

Flaming pumpkins will now also appear in Minecraft games randomly. These can be smashed to yield the following prizes: Top Rank, gems, skeleton keys and treasure hands. DLC content through the Minecraft Halloween period on Mineplex includes Trick or Treat boxes that can be opened or gifted.

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