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Microsoft Begins Roll Out of Xbox Fall Update

A week after the Xbox Fall Update cleared all Insider branches, Microsoft is back with the official launch that brings changes to the Guide, dashboard, Avatars, and more.


At the end of last week, rolled out the Xbox Fall Update for Insiders. This is the console version of the . The PC build is officially launching tomorrow (Oct. 17), but the Xbox Fall Update is now available.

This is a feature update, although Microsoft does not like to call it that as Windows is now developed as a service. Either way, the Fall Update is big and loaded with new features.

Microsoft has revamped the dashboard to add customization tools such as the release comes with Microsoft's overhauled dashboard for the Xbox One. The company is calling on Fluent Design elements for the new aesthetic.

Fluent Design is a Windows 10-wide UI that offers smoother animations and a cleaner look. Microsoft has been tweaking Fluent Design over recent months. The core principles of Fluent Design are Material, Light, Scale, Depth and Motion.

Microsoft will make animations smoother on the console. However, as we always mention with Fluent Design, it is an in-development UI. That means Microsoft is evolving the design, so it is unclear which elements will drop with the Fall Update.

Xbox Avatars are also getting a revamp. While Xbox Avatars were a big part of Xbox 360, they've fallen into the background with Xbox One. Microsoft is looking to make them important again with notable new abilities.

The changes include more customization options, better integrations and a more dynamic look and feel.

Guide Improvements

Xbox One users will also see the Guide receive a significant overhaul. Swiping through menus makes the experience more intuitive, accessed via the bumpers on the Xbox One controller. Here are some other features coming to the Guide:

  • When you bring up Guide while in an active party or broadcast, Guide will automatically open the party or broadcast section by default for faster access to controls.
  • New “Friends in games” flyout informs you of friends playing the same game.
  • Game invites will show up in the Multiplayer tab of the Guide.
  • The new Tournaments section in the Multiplayer tab of the Guide provides a quick portal into the official and community tournaments that you've joined. Enjoy more Xbox Arena tournament options with the addition of new titles.

If you have received the Fall Update, let us know how it is treating you so far.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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