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Microsoft’s Mysterious Windows 10 Photos Add-on App Angers Users

However, the Windows 10 Photos Add-on is preparing the app for Story Remix features. However, users are angered by the fact the app installed without permission.


has sent out an update for that has caused confusion and anger amongst users. The company's servers sent out a new application called Photos Add-on and users are suspicious about the release.

As with all Windows 10 apps, the Photos Add-on is available in the Windows Store (soon to be the Microsoft Store). However, there is no description that explains what the app does or why it has been installed.

Over 169 reviews, the app has been given a one and a half start rating. The most common complaints involve it being installed without permission, viewing photos on a device, and slowing down other apps:

“I didn't ask for this, I didn't approve this, I didn't even know you were planning on installing this. When will you get it that people do not want YOU to decide what gets installed on MY computer. Stop it already.”


Why Microsoft installed this app may be mystery to users, but the explanation is not entirely nefarious. As the name suggests, Photos Add-on is an update for the existing Photos application. It seems that the update is for a feature that was first revealed in preview during April 2016.

ZDNet found the following description for the app:

“You will also be able manage app add-ons and downloadable content [in Settings] if the app supports this capability as discussed at Build 2016. While there are currently no apps that support add-ons or downloadable content in the Store, please stay tuned for availability of apps that do once they are released.”

The report says the add-on is an architectural change that is preparing the app for . As you may know, Story Remix has been rebranded as Photos. The Add-on application prepares the app for features such as 3D effects, text, and filters from the editing tool.

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