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Twitch Votes for Halo as Best Videogame Soundtrack of All Time

A poll of eight games put Halo as the winner for best video game soundtrack of all time. The franchise got 41% of the vote versus Zelda's 30.


A poll on Twitch’s streaming service puts Halo at the top of the list for gaming soundtracks with over 155,000 votes. Players were asked on Twitter in a two-round poll and eight total contestants.

The franchise managed to beat Zelda, WoW, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Final Fantasy, DOOM and Undertale for the top spot. The final round put Halo at 41% of the vote, behind Zelda at 30% and Final Fantasy at 17%.

Of course, the poll is far from conclusive. There were a number of great soundtracks missing, and it’s as much an exercise of popularity as it is quality. However, it’s still a great piece of recognition for the Halo team, who replied on Twitter.

Halo Soundtracks Over the Years

Though there are endless amounts of soundtracks out there, Halo has proven to have consistent quality time and time again. The original Halo soundtrack in 2002 kickstarted it all Martin O’Donell’s signature sound.

He went on to score Halo 2, winning the Game Developers choice award, before refining the themes for Halo 2. For Halo:Reach, a prequel, he penned a darker sound, adding new variation to the series’ tones.

When Bungie stepped down from the Halo series in the place of 343 Industries, however, so did O’Donell. Halo 4’s soundtrack came from Neil Davidge, known for his work on Clash of the Titans, and Kazuma Jinnouch, a former Konami employee.


The pair took over expertly, imbuing some more romantic tones and electronic sounds but making big changes. When Jinnouchi took over entirely for Halo 5, a bigger emphasis was put on choir, and Halo’s original theme was re-worked.

Despite its changes in direction, Halo’s soundtrack, it seems, has always managed to please fans. For that alone, perhaps it deserves the accolade Twitch has given it, and no doubt it will continue to impress.

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