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Microsoft’s Story Remix (Photos) Gets 3D Editing Features

Microsoft is gearing up towards the full launch of Story Remix (Photos) on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and has introduced smoother 3D editing for videos.


's upcoming new Photos (formerly ) has scored a number of new features ahead of its full release. The company has added new 3D effects and anchoring. On Sunday, Microsoft added video editing features that allow smoother transitions when managing new videos.

Launched at Build 2017 in May, Microsoft launched Story Remix as one of the core features of the (FCU). Building on the creative aspects of the platform, Story Remix has since been integrated into the Photos app.

The app gives users tools to create stories and memories with photos and videos. Microsoft Graph was used to help the service automatically compile memories from media content on a device. Story Remix uses the content to allow editing features like soundtracks, cinematic transactions, and 3D integration (through Paint 3D).

With the new anchoring and 3D features, Microsoft is fulfilling some abilities that were originally promised in May. The company says using two or more videos is the best way to start an editing process.

Photos editing is easy to use and has plenty of features that are similar to the Windows Movie Maker feature.

Since launching the service, Microsoft has been updating the app with new features. The company has been sending out preview releases through several branches of the Windows Insider Program.

New Editing Tools

Early last month, Microsoft issued a significant Story Remix update. Launched on the Skip Ahead branch on the Insider program, the company added a massive 57 new editing tools. Skip Ahead is a feature that allows Insiders to move to Redstone 4, the Windows 10 build that will launch next year, after FCU.

With that in mind, it is unclear whether the 57 tools will ship with FCU or come later. Either way, here are the new additions launched last month:

Here's the full list:

“Impact – Metal, Impact – Sand, Impact – Stone, Sci-fi Portal, Explosion, Laser Wall, Glow of the blast, Neon ball, Rain, Column of smoke, Electric sparks, Explosive powder, Laser beam, Ray of light, Glow, Glowing sparkles, Flies, Fireworks, Rain cloud, Comet Tail, Camping fire, Heart sparkles, Star sparkles, Comics, Snow, The candle flame, Rainbow sparkles, Tornado, Dust, Nebula, Wildfire, Splash of color, Rose petals, Waterfall, Lightning, Bubbles everywhere. Atomic motion, Impact with sparks, Plasma sparks, Autumnal leaf, Aurora, Blizzard, Breath blocked, Confetti shooter, Confetti shower, Fireflies, Snowflake bursts, Wisp of smoke, Lens sparkles, Butterflies, Snowflake sparkles, Sonar, Glitter, ZZZ, Balloons, Party lasers, Energy circle.”

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