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Microsoft Confirms Office 2019 Preview in Second Half of 2018

Office 2019 will contain many features of Office 365, including server products, but will miss out on cloud-powered functionality. However, the software's survival after then is unknown.


It may sound like a no-brainer, but will be delivering an preview to customers next year. The decision comes despite , which offers a continually updating cloud version.

The main target, of course, is organizations, who currently use Office 2016. Microsoft tends to release new Office versions every three years, so the timing is about right.

So far, it seems that Office 2019 will simply offer the features already found in 365, but in a static package. For the unfamiliar, that means functionality like improved inking, new animations in PowerPoint, and new formulas for Excel.

Server admins, on the other hand, will see more manageability, voice, and security features. Microsoft will detail a full list closer to the time, but you can check our Office 365 coverage in the meantime.

Will There be an Office 2021?

Though Microsoft has continued its perpetual releases, the future after 2019 is unclear. When asked, Office general manager Jared Spataro simply said they would take cues from customers.

However, he did confirm that non-subscription customers will retain access to Microsoft server products, despite assumptions to the contrary. It seems perpetual users will still be able to use Exchange,

According to ZDNet, perpetual users will be able to use Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business, but won't get access to all of Office 365's features. That's because some, such as PowerPoint Designer, require cloud connectivity.

Speaking of Skype for Business, Microsoft has clarified its decision. Though the company confirmed a merger of the program and Microsoft Teams, it will still launch a new version in 2018.

The move will allow business to switch at their own pace and give them many more years of functionality, but could also slow down Teams progress.

Whatever the case, it's clear that Microsoft remains committed to its business customers, and we'll report more details when they arrive.

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