Dynamics  Microsoft

Today is an important day for people who use Microsoft services. The company is holding its Ignite 2017 conference in Florida and has already announced plenty of new features. One of the announcements involved the introduction of Dynamics 365 AI Solutions.

Microsoft says the new service is designed to aid organizations in their digital transformations. According to the company, businesses can “start even smaller”, allowing them to manage digitization more easily.

Artificial intelligence is not something new in Dynamics 365. Microsoft already leverages AI for high value, complex scenarios. For example, the service uses a virtual assistant as a customer service tool within Microsoft Support.

Currently, Dynamics 365 for Talent is not the “targeted solution” that some organizations may need. Dynamics 365 AI Solutions brings a modular approach by using SaaS applications. These modular SaaS solutions “transform a single process”, making tasks easier to accomplish.

Microsoft says the first two apps are Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract and Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard.

Attract will allow users to assess candidates and receive insights into each person in a hiring pool. This means customers can attract the right candidates more efficiently. Onboard, as the name suggests, aids with onboarding processes and personalizing and training for teams.

LinkedIn Integration

At Ignite, Microsoft announced direct LinkedIn integration for Office 365 subscribers the business-focused social network will also be expanding to business products, such as Dynamics 365 in the future.

Microsoft says users will be able to directly send LinkedIn messages in Dynamics 365. Contact records will also be available to see.

Looking forward at Ignite this year, Microsoft will announce new integrations between Dynamics 365, Flow, PowerApps, and Office 365.