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Microsoft has announced it is now a part of the Coalition for Better Ads. Rik van der Kooi, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Search Advertising, made the announcement. He says the decision shows the company’s commitment to creating standards for online advertising.

“We believe in supporting and collaborating with the online advertising industry to develop standards that make the digital ecosystem function better for consumers, marketers and publishers.”

The Coalition for Better Ads was created by leading trade associations and other companies involved in media and advertising. It promotes consumer rights through pushing for ads to be safe and to improve the user experience.

Ads are a way of life online, but they are also hugely controversial. Most web companies make their money through advertising, so engaging viewers through ads is important. However, miss-use of ads has led to many web users being weary of any form of online advertising.

Some ads disrupt the user experience, slow down browsing, force themselves onto the screen, and more. Users have responded with ad blocking technology. While these blockers are valuable tools, they also cut revenue streams for web companies.

Many providers work hard to ensure their ads are well placed to avoid disrupting the user experience. Developers also work to make ads safe. However, there are certainly may nefarious ads and sites that exploit users.

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Whitelisting requests have grown in frequency in recent years as web developers wrestle with engaging users with content, but also monetizing their service. The Coalition for Better Ads seeks to stop these rogue advertisers and to give users more confidence to embrace ads.

Bing Ads will be a powerful ally for the coalition. Microsoft says it joined the group to make sure advertising standards are upheld:

“Microsoft is committed to working with our industry partners and the Coalition for Better Ads to continue the development and implementation of standards that will have a positive impact on consumers and the entire online advertising community.”