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Google Attempts to Appease EU by Displaying Rival Websites Through Auction

A report citing four sources says Google will allow rival shopping comparison sites to display on its search service.


Alphabet's division has often fallen foul of regulatory demands of the European Commission. To avoid further legal action, the company says it will display rival shopping comparison site through auction.

In a report today, Reuters cites four sources close to the case. The move would help Google avoid EU antitrust investigation by providing more competition against its own shopping service.

This case has rumbled on in European courts for several years. In 2014, Google made a similar gesture to authorities. That concession would have meant giving competitors the ability to bid for any spot on its shopping section, which is called Product Listing Ads.

The proposal would have still reserved the first two spaces for Google's own ads. However, the commission denied that concession and demanded more.

Google has now returned with a new proposal that it hope will appease regulators. The new deal was submitted to the European Commission on August 29. However, the sources say the company is still not dealing with the specific issues that concern the EU competition rules.

This means the proposal is unlikely to stop regulators from punishing Google. The Commission has repeatedly told the company to treat competitors as equal services on its shopping network.

Record Fine

Google is acting to meet European demands after the Commission handed the company a record fine in July.

The $2.7 billion fine was the largest anti-trust punishment ever handed out in Europe. The Commission says the company abused its position as the leading search provider to harm rivals. In its decision, the court said Mountain View was punished for “abuse of its dominant position by systematically favoring.”

However, Google is still required to solve the shopping issues that is was fined for. Unless the company can make concessions to appease the Commission, further punishment could be handed out.

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