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Microsoft To-Do Gets iPad and iOS 11 Support with Version 1.13

Microsoft To-Do now supports iOS 11 and iPad, albeit reluctantly. Fortunately, the latest update also comes with a myriad of fixes and improvements.


To-Do got an upgrade on desktop just a few days ago, and now the team is focusing on iOS. A big update introduces true iPad and iOS support, as well as various fixes and improvements.

For those not in the loop, iOS 11 will release on Tuesday, but many users already have access via beta channels. This should take much better advance of 's new features and create a more stable experience.

Microsoft To-Do Version 1.13 Changelog

Despite this, some users will be happier to hear of the myriad of fixes involved. Irritating quirks such as problems inputting titles, reminders for deleted lists and more have been remedied. Here's the full list:

  • “Introducing iPad and iOS 11 support!
  • Improved: Our sort options have been sorted out. Now the order of your lists will match across all of your devices.
  • Fixed: Sometimes we didn't recognize that certain keyboards were entering to-do titles. Now third-party keyboards can create to-dos with actual titles.
  • Fixed: We also fixed the quirk that caused the list header to display oddly when renaming a list.
  • Fixed: You can now edit and save notes offline without encountering the endless sync spinner.
  • Fixed: And once edited, your notes will display every character correctly. We fixed the bug affecting certain Cyrillic characters.
  • Fixed: We want to help remember all your important to-dos. Occasionally, though, we were a bit too persistent about reminding you. We got the message and will stop sending reminders for to-dos in deleted lists.
  • Fixed: We also made it easier to edit your existing reminders. We fixed that pesky problem where the detail view wouldn't open after tapping a reminder. Likewise, the date field will now display properly when setting custom dates and times for your reminders.
  • Fixed: Reordering lists on iOS 11 would sometimes crash the app. No longer. Now that we support iOS 11, you may sort to your heart's content.”

Unfortunately, there's still a little way to go, especially on iPad. Despite the support, its UI only offers one column lists, and doesn't make use of the extra screen real-estate.

Either way, its a step up from using the upscaled app, and I'm sure Microsoft will improve it as time goes on. You can grab the latest version now from the App Store.

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