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Rentable Sex Dolls Becoming Reality with Chinese Ta Qu App

Ta Qu is an app platform that lets users share “girlfriends” that are really sex dolls. Sadly, there seems to be a market for this.


We have been told for years that the sharing market will explode over the next decades. The expansion is already happening with Uber for ride-sharing and home sharing. There seems to be no limits to what we are willing to share. To test that theory, a Chinese startup (Ta Qu) is sharing something very strange.

The company in question has opened a platform for sharing sex dolls. Yes, if you just face palmed we are on board with you. However, there seems to be a market for this kind of thing. So, if you are the kind of guy or girl who wants a sex doll, you can rent one and pass it on.

We are not talking about the classic comedy blow up dolls. Instead, these are life-like sex doll models that will make a perfect companion if you live in your mom's basement.

Tech is developing at a rapid pace, driven by machine learning and AI. The sex industry has certainly not ignored advancements in tech. Recently, a U.S.-based company showed off its Harmony doll, which is “anatomically correct” and works through animatronics.

The Chinese dolls are not animatronic, but the plastic “beauties” riding on a tech wave. Each can be rented from an app called Ta Qu (which unfortunately sounds like Touch in English). On the platform, customers can rent a doll for a day US$45, while a weekly hook-up will cost US$200.

China Embracing Sharing

has been one of the boom nations for the sharing economy. People in the country share bikes, sports equipment, clothes, and more. However, we don't think people are renting these dolls to make them dinner. So, how do you share a sex doll (emphasis on the name)?

Well, the developer says the “shared girlfriends” have their lower parts completely changed for each customer. Admittedly, there's nothing about that last sentence I am happy about.

Either way, there are five dolls available – “Greek bikini model,” “US Wonder Woman,” “Korean housewife,” “Russian teenager,” and “Hong Kong race car cheerleader.”

Take your pick.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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