Microsoft To-Do has been making slow but steady progress since its release. Developed by the Wunderlist team, the task management app ties in Office 365 and intelligent algorithms to offer helpful suggestions.

It’s now received an update for Windows 10, improving some functionalities and rolling out key fixes.

Microsoft To-Do Full Changelog

The additions are relatively minor but regular users will be thankful. To-Do versionĀ 1.13.2492 addresses several annoyances, simplifies UI elements, and improves icon appearance. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Improved: We’ve improved the tips section. It’s faster and wishing you a good day and a good evening.
  • Improved: We simplified the tips section to make it easier to add an activity, avoiding to mark them as unintentionally resolved. Improved: We’ve improved the appearance of our icons.
  • Improved: We’ve improved our error messages so they provide more detail.
  • Fixed: If you changed the expiration date, the activity was no longer repeated. We have solved this problem, now everything works properly. Fixed: If you wanted to use the font ?, a new list was created. We have disabled the creation of a list with Alt Gr + L
  • Fixed: We solved the accessibility issues for the emoji selector.”

With hope, Microsoft is working on major features for a later release. The ability to create sub-tasksĀ and share lists are still heavily awaited and were available in Wunderlist before its acquisition.

It’s clear the app needs work before it can compete with the best, but this update is a step forward for now. Both Insiders and regular users can get the latest version from the Windows Store.

To-Do is also available on Android and iOS.