Windows 10 ‘Skip Ahead’ Insiders are in for another treat thanks to a Microsoft Photos update. Version 2017.39081.13910.0 is now available, and it adds 57 new effects.

Those effects are part of its new Story Remix feature, which lets users edit videos straight from the app. Microsoft Graph technology automatically combines content to create videos, significantly reducing workload.

Full Story Remix Effects List

The Skip Ahead feature gives users a preview of what’s to come, but it’s not clear if the effects will ship with the Fall Creators Update or later on. Here’s the full list:

“Impact – Metal, Impact – Sand, Impact – Stone, Sci-fi Portal, Explosion, Laser Wall, Glow of the blast, Neon ball, Rain, Column of smoke, Electric sparks, Explosive powder, Laser beam, Ray of light, Glow, Glowing sparkles, Flies, Fireworks, Rain cloud, Comet Tail, Camping fire, Heart sparkles, Star sparkles, Comics, Snow, The candle flame, Rainbow sparkles, Tornado, Dust, Nebula, Wildfire, Splash of color, Rose petals, Waterfall, Lightning, Bubbles everywhere. Atomic motion, Impact with sparks, Plasma sparks, Autumnal leaf, Aurora, Blizzard, Breath blocked, Confetti shooter, Confetti shower, Fireflies, Snowflake bursts, Wisp of smoke, Lens sparkles, Butterflies, Snowflake sparkles, Sonar, Glitter, ZZZ, Balloons, Party lasers, Energy circle.”

For now, they’re quite cheesy, as you can see in this video by Aggiornamenti Lumia:

They are, however, incredibly easy to use, and we expect Microsoft to update it regularly. Either way, it’s already an improvement over Movie Maker and will be great for casual use.

Skip Ahead Insiders can try it for themselves via the Windows Store.