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Hurricane Irma: Microsoft Donates $250,000 to Red Cross, plus Millions in Tech

Microsoft is adding to its $2.5 million Hurricane Harvey donation, also pledging long-term support for Irma and free non-profit access to various services. The software giant's employees are also donating individually.


Hurricane Harvey devastated much of Texas last month, and was quick to respond. The software giant gave a total of $2.5 million in tech, as well as a donation to Red Cross.

Now Hurricane Irma has hit Florida; homes are damaged, millions are without power, and citizens are injured. As a result, Microsoft has decided to contribute an additional $250,000.

A Long-Term Commitment

Like Harvey, it will also be providing millions in tech and services to help nonprofits with response and recovery.

“Microsoft Philanthropies is raising its initial cash contribution to $250,000 and is also contributing millions of dollars in technology and services to support nonprofit and public-sector organizations participating in the response and recovery,” said Mary Snapp, head of Microsoft Philanthropies. “Our employee program is fully engaged with Microsoft matching contributions. We are also using the company's websites and social media channels to provide help through the American Red Cross or Team Rubicon.”

“In the long-term, we will work closely with those in the region to address the needs of the communities impacted. Microsoft is committed to contributing to play our part, now and in the months and years ahead.”

Though many will be familiar with the work of the American Red Cross, Team Rubicon is less well-known. The organization has a team of first responders, including military veterans, who provide medical assistance and focus on otherwise ignored regions. At the same time, it supports veterans by giving them a purposeful reintroduction to society.

It's great to see tech companies stepping up to fund relief efforts and long-term support is particularly vital. No doubt more will follow, as will donations from across the world.

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