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Microsoft Invests in Airobotics to Propel Automated Emergency Response Drones

Airobotics has secured $32 million in its series C funding, with contributions from Microsoft Ventures, BlueRun Ventures and ex-Google and Facebook executives. The company will use the money to launch a homeland defense-focused offering and more.


Microsoft Ventures is among several high profile investors in Airobotics $32.5 million funding round. The automated drone company received interest from BlueRun Ventures, Waze CEO Noam Bardin, and former COO of Facebook and ATAP Richard Woolridge.

The funding will be used to create new divisions, including use for emergency critical applications in cities and Homeland Security. It's will also increase its existing hold over mining services, refineries, seaports, and oil facilities.

“We continue to execute our vision: taking the human pilot out of the loop and increasing the value can create,” said Ran Krauss, CEO, and Co-Founder. “This fundraising enables us to continue to expand, within industrial facilities, and with our newly launched Defense division. Our next stop – automated drones in cities.”

Fully Automated Patrols

While this tech may sound many years away, Airobotics' technology is already there. Its drones support self-deployment and landing, require no pilot, and are accurate up to one centimeter.

What's more, a robotic arm in their ‘air base' means automatic battery switching for continual uptime and monitoring. Such a solution is expected to reduce costs, improve safety, and save time.

's contribution comes from investor Mony Hassid, though the amount has not been revealed.

“Drones have enormous potential to impact how we live and work – making cities safer, improving response times during emergencies, and creating more efficient industrial facilities,” he said in a press release. “Fully automated drones will be a big step forward for the industry, so we're excited to support Airobotics' ambition in this space.”

The latest funding puts the total raised at $61 million, and the company's value between $150 and $400 million.

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