Microsoft has hardly been quiet in terms of new Surface hardware over the last year. However, there is still a feeling that we could have had more. So, those holding out for new products are in for a treat. The Verge reports Microsoft is holding a Surface keynote event next month.

The event will be a part of the company’s annual Future Decoded event. Microsoft will be hosting that event between Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 in the ExCel in London.

If the new report is correct, the company will open the event with a Surface focused keynote. The only real question is what devices we can expect to see at the event.

Well, when discussing Microsoft products, the Surface Pro often takes center stage. However, Microsoft updated its hybrid device in June. The Current Surface Pro serves as the 5th generation, even if it is more of an incremental update on the Surface Pro 4.

We guess those waiting for a true next-generation Pro 5 will be left waiting. What about the Surface Book? Certainly, Microsoft’s notebook/tablet needs a refresh, and we would argue an overhaul.

Microsoft debuted a new Surface Book last year, but it was a spec upgrade and not a new device per se. Perhaps Microsoft will be delivering an all-new Book with a fresh design. We would file this under ‘likely’ with one caveat.

It seems Microsoft is steering the Surface line towards Apple territory. High-concept premium hardware that is not necessarily aesthetically changed very often. Still, the Surface Book is two years old (in terms of looks), so a new model would not be a surprise.

Surface Phone

Undoubtedly, Microsoft could steal the hardware headline this year if it announces the much-rumored Surface Phone.

We are at the stage where we don’t know if the device even exists, although there is a lot of noise. Rumours have persisted this year about the Surface Phone landing this year. It is clear Microsoft is developing mobile hardware, the company has said as much.

Satya Nadella has said the company’s next mobile device will not look like a phone. HoloLens chief Alex Kipman doubled down by saying mixed reality is the future of mobile. At the very least, Microsoft is pursuing mobile hardware aspirations. Whether they will be realised with a launch next month remains to be seen.